Monday, May 5, 2014

1,000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names by Mario Giordano

Title: 1,000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names
Author: Mario Giordano; Isabel Fargo Cole, Translator; Ray Fenwick, Illustrator

Genre: Non-Fiction (Novelty / Writing Prompts / Creativity / Emotions)
Publisher/Publication Date: Penguin Books (4/29/2014)
Source: The publisher.

Rating: Liked.

Do I like the cover?: I do -- love the detailed illustration.

Review: This intriguing little book -- less than 300 pages -- contains precisely what the title says: one thousand fleeting moments for which there is no single word to describe them. Whimsical, occasionally edge, melancholy and exultant in equal part, this is a lovely sort of coffee table book that invites one to thumb through and share.

Hand lettered and illustrated by Ray Fenwick, each feeling is articulated in a different font, punctuated with images and graphic elements.  (You can click on the pictures for a more hi-res view.)

The feelings range from embarrassing to ethereal.  Some favorites of mine:

188: The panic that you might not make it to the bathroom on time.

359: The disappointment that that smile was meant for someone else.

OR, one I can relate to all too much: 920: The helplessness in the face of your cat's whims.

There's a helpful index at the end which categorizes the various options: accident feelings, British feelings, red wine feelings, train-platform feelings, etc. The book has a great hand feeling, too: French flaps, and a slightly heavier paper inside, like a sketch-book.

A lovely gift-y sort of book for someone who struggles to articulate their feelings or those who are very good at it, as well as fun kind of graduation, house-warming, or birthday gift.  Those who are into illustration might also enjoy this.  My wife and I have been having fun picking out one feeling to sum up our day, and could be a neat sort of way to diary through life, noting what feeling you have when (and perhaps how often!).

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