Weekend reads and still blah...

I'm feeling a bit Eyeore-ish, so I'm sorry if I sound especially maudlin.  We've had some housing drama come up (as in, we're scrambling to find housing unexpectedly!) so I'm a total stress bucket, but am trying to be zen.  Still am not feeling many of my reads -- I put down a rather good book because a plot twist gave me the red rage, and I figured, why torture myself? -- and I guiltily suspect I'll spend most of the weekend streaming movies.

However, in a fit of optimism, I've signed up for Roof Beam Reader's Moby-Dick readalong, which runs June 1 – July 15. Moby-Dick is my wife's all-time favorite book ever, and she's been begging me to give it a try. I've put it on my Classics Club reading list and she's started reading it to me every night in hopes of making our little sea monster a fan.  (All it serves is to put me to sleep in a matter of minutes, so it'll be June 2015 before we finish at this rate!)

What are you reading this weekend?


  1. Oh gosh, Moby Dick was good but I doubt it will pull you out of the sludgy hole you are in. It's a piece of work.

    I am curious over the plot twist you mentioned. What book?

    You have to find housing? That is very stressful when it comes out of nowhere. But maybe you can get a really nice place with a reading room.

    1. Ti, I was inaccurate -- less a plot twist, I think, and more like a plot development. It was The Secret Life of Violet Grant by Beatriz Williams -- I huffed on my GoodReads review about what made me snitty. Small thing, but I'm just not in an expansive place at the moment!

      I agree -- Moby-Dick is not inspiring me to dig in and read. But it helps me sleep, so...! ;)

      Yes -- we're having to unexpectedly apartment hunt -- v nerve-wracking when I want to be nesting. But I hope God/dess hears your wish -- would love a really nice place with a reading room!

  2. I admire you for tackling Moby Dick! I'm reading The Confabulist by Steven Galloway.

    1. I would likely never tackle it were it not for my wife -- she's determined! The Confabulist sounds good -- hope you enjoy it!

  3. Oh no! Not a red rage! Hate, hate when I'm reading along, enjoying a book and then the author does something that makes me want to throw the book out of the window. Good luck with the home search.

  4. I actually did Moby Dick in a read along hosted by Ti, a long time ago. It was very fun. I love the phrase "total stress bucket" - since it so often applies to me, I may have to borrow that one! :--)

  5. Lol @ Falling asleep. There are some chapters that are total snooze-fests and, actually, a lot of Melville's language is so beautiful, and mimics the movement of the sea so well, I can totally understand how it might lull someone to sleep.

  6. I have Moby Dick on my Classics Club list as well. I will have to consider joining the readalong.

    I hope you get out of your reading slump soon! :)


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