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Interview with Lynn Cullen

Earlier this week I reviewed Lynn Cullen's Mrs. Poe , her deliciously gothicky novel of Edgar Allan Poe and poet Frances Osgood.  I just fell in love with Ms. Cullen's writing with her previous novel, Reign of Madness , and I'm delighted to share my second interview with her.  Read on learn more about Mrs. Poe, her other books, and what she does when she's not writing. *** *** *** Thank you for this chance to chat, Audra. I’m a huge fan of you and your blog and am happy to be here with you today! So, to answer your questions: Was Mrs. Poe the original title of your book? Mrs. Poe was the title before I’d even begun writing the book, which is not my usual experience with novels. I usually agonize for months before settling on one. I’m going through that right now with my work-in-progress. But I knew Mrs. Poe was this book’s title from the get-go, just as I knew the main character would not actually be Virginia Poe, but the woman who wished she could be th

Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen

Title: Mrs. Poe Author: Lynn Cullen Genre: Fiction (Historical / 19th Century / New York City / Edgar Allan Poe / Frances Osgood / Writers / Historical Figure Fictionalized / Love Affair / Marriage) Publisher/Publication Date : Gallery Books (4/1/2014) Source: Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours Rating: Okay to liked. Did I finish?: I did! One-sentence summary: A destitute poet finds creative inspiration and passion with the dreamy and very married Edgar Allan Poe. Reading Challenges: Historical Fiction Do I like the cover?: I do -- it's spot on for the book! I'm reminded of...: Melanie Benjamin, Sandra Gulland, Jeanne Kalogridis First line : When given bad news, most women of my station can afford to slump onto their divans, their china cups slipping from their fingers to the carpet, their hair falling prettily from its pins, their fourteen starched petticoats compacting with a plush crunch. Buy, Borrow, or Avoid?: Borrow or buy. Why did I g


A lovely, busy weekend -- hope all of you have had restful ones too!  Here are my giveaway winners from the last few weeks! The winner of I Am Livia is ... Elisabeth H. ! The winner of The Quick is ... Martha G. ! Congrats to the winners!  I don't have any open giveaways at the moment, but will this coming week -- so be sure to enter! 

Interview with Laura Purcell

Yesterday I reviewed Laura Purcell's marvelous historical novel of "mad" King George, his wife and daughters, Queen of Bedlam .  It was a fascinating look at a royal family I know nothing about, and had the best kind of drama: medical maladies, love affairs, heartbreak, mother-daughter relationships, husband hunting... I'm delighted to share my interview with Laura Purcell, so read on to learn more about her, her current novel, and what she does when she's not writing. What was the plot of your very first piece of fiction? It gets very confusing, I will give you the simple version! It was a Regency romance about two sisters and their summer in Bath. The elder Sophie was the parents’ favourite and had been tacitly engaged to her soldier cousin since birth. The younger Caroline was the beauty and soon started to attract attention at the assemblies. To cut a long story short, it was a riot of crossed wires. Everybody fell in love with the wrong person, or tho

Queen of Bedlam by Laura Purcell

Title: Queen of Bedlam Author: Laura Purcell Genre: Fiction (Historical / 18th Century / UK / Royalty / Marriage / Mother-Daughter Relationships / Mental Illness) Publisher/Publication Date : Myrmidon Books Ltd (6/10/2014) Source: Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours Rating: Loved. Did I finish?: I did. One-sentence summary: When King George, beloved husband and father, goes mad, his wife and daughters struggle to remain loyal while their own lives fall apart. Reading Challenges: E-book , Historical Fiction Do I like the cover?: Guiltily, I do -- it's so ridiculous and vampy (which isn't the plot of this book) but I adore the dress and the hair. I'm reminded of...: Marci Jefferson, Karleen Koen, Anne Easter Smith First line : This would be the last time; Charlotte had made her decision. Buy, Borrow, or Avoid?: Borrow or buy. Why did I get this book?: Had heard good things about it! Review: I can't squee enough about this novel -

Weekend reads and perking up...

Thank you, everyone, for the continual kind words and understanding with every mopey post of mine!  I'm perking up a little now -- perhaps the much promised second trimester perkiness is finally kicking in! -- and I'm actually inhaling books again.  (Whew!)  Although not at my usual pace, but whatever, I'm grateful I can stay up past 8pm these days! My weekend reads is Laura Purcell's Queen of Bedlam , a novel of the wife and daughters of "Mad" King George .   I'm loving it -- it's a monarchy I have zero familiarity with and it drips with the kind of drama I don't often see in royal hist fic.  Can't wait to squee about it next week. What are you reading this weekend?