Weekend reads and starting the moving process...

We've finally found someplace to live, so we're really trying to start packing now rather than do it the night before. 

My wife was out-of-town this week, and I had some vacation days, so I spent most of my time deal with the 700+ books we culled from our library.  We sold about 200, mostly my wife's books from grad school, and we had friends adopt another 200.  (I spent my Friday mailing nearly two dozen packages of books to various folks, including a massive box to Amy of Passages to the Past!)  The rest were donated to a variety of places -- book clubs, a literacy program, a few libraries.  I can't believe how big my apartment looks!

My weekend read is Kate Quinn's Mistress of Rome -- earlier in the week I declared a Kate Quinn summer -- and so far, I am in love.  I need some juicy escapism right now, especially as the cardboard boxes stack up!

What did you read this weekend?  Any great moving tips you want to share?


  1. Good that you found a place. And those poor books, but good that they good to good friends and causes

  2. I know you're relieved to have found a place. Good luck with the move!

  3. Oh boy am I excited, thanks for being so generous Audra! I hope the move goes well, wish I was there to help!

  4. That sounds like a massive project! I need to do something similar with my shelves, but I can't face it....
    Good luck with the move :)

  5. Wow! That's a lot of books! I wonder how many I could give away if I tried. We haven't moved in 15 years! Good luck with the packing! Mistress of Rome is going on my list of books set in Rome. (We're planning a trip in 2015.)

  6. Phew, what a project -- sending you warm vibes! I just moved my epic library a month ago, but it was nothing compared to yours. So glad you found a new home and hope everything goes well!

    Though I'm sure you've gotten this tip a thousand times over, there is nothing as important as carefully labeling your boxes. I was so diligent in the beginning, taking a Sharpie to explain every little thing in the box, but my husband and I both got very lazy/harried by the end and wound up just throwing random stuff into boxes in an effort to just get it moved. And I'm paying for that now, for sure! In hindsight, I probably would have color-coded my boxes (green for kitchen, blue for bedroom, etc.) somehow, too.

  7. The thought of moving while pregnant makes me want to hide in a corner--you amaze me! I'm so glad you found a place and hope the rest of the move goes well:-)

  8. You are a brave woman to do this pregnant! Take lots of breaks and don't overtire yourself! And, like Meg said, take the time to label. Towards the end you will just be tossing things in boxes and if you take a minute to write down what's in it, it will save hassle later. I've also used colored duct tape to easily see what box goes where. This is especially helpful when you have people help you move!

  9. Yikes! Plenty of books! I'd be in the same situation if we'd ever move.

  10. Wow! That is an insane amount of books. I try to donate as I go so I don't get too overwhelmed with the amount of books!


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