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Goddess Born by Kari Edgren

Title: Goddess Born
Author: Kari Edgren

Genre: Fiction (Historical / 18th Century / Pennsylvania / Supernatural / Romance / Secret Identities / Witchcraft)
Publisher/Publication Date: Carina Press (5/29/2014)
Source: Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours

Rating: Loved it!
Did I finish?: Inhaled it!
One-sentence summary: A young healer, descendant of a goddess, finds herself in a marriage of convenience in order to protect herself and her family's estate -- only to end up accused of witchcraft.
Reading Challenges: E-book, Historical Fiction, Immigrant Stories

Do I like the cover?: Ish -- it's very pretty, and I love me some drapey dresses, but doesn't capture the story for me.

First line: The air was still, the sky silent and empty over the wheat fields that ran undisturbed to the forest's edge.

Buy, Borrow, or Avoid?: Borrow or buy.

Why did I get this book?: Bloggers I trust were raving about it.

Review: This book has one of the most unique premises I've read in a while: set in 1730 in the Pennsylvania colony, our heroine Selah Kilbrid is literally a direct descendent of the goddess Brigid. Her divine gift is that of healing, a gift she cannot refuse to use when asked -- but a gift she has to keep hidden lest she gain some unwanted attention. From an Irish Catholic family, she lives in the heavily Quaker town of Hopewell, a well-liked healer and farmer's daughter.

Pursued by a Quaker preacher, Nathan, whose interest in her crosses into dangerous obsession, Selah agrees to an arranged marriage with a cousin per her father's wishes. But upon arriving in Philadelphia, she instead finds herself bound together with the (stunningly sexy) Henry Alan, an indentured servant.

I admit I have a love/hate relationship with romance novels: I adore me some hot and heavy flirtation but really loathe some of the childish, alarming, or emotionally unstable behavior that gets trotted out in the name of plot. But Edgren's historical romance has everything I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve in a romance novel: fabulously fun heroine and hero, great setting, delightful obstacles that don't make me mentally scream, "Just tell him!", and a believable chemistry that had me swooning within a dozen pages.

Selah was a believable heroine that I loved from the first page: bold in ways that felt authentic and historically accurate (even as a demi-goddess!), who acted in a manner that read reasonable and believable -- even when she made dumb choices. As Edgren stays solely in Selah's first person POV, we don't know much about Henry and his motivations, but he's a dreamboat with a dramatic backstory. The complications between Selah and Henry are interesting and actually challenging: how does she handle her goddess-ness with him, and how much can she trust a man who is literally indebted to her but legally has rights to her inheritance?

And as for the sex...there is none! Don't despair, as I might have if I learned this tidbit ahead of reading, as there's plenty of tension and some making out that's fun. The absence of sex only stood out to me as this is from Carina/Harlequin, so I just assumed there'd be sexytimes, but in terms of storytelling and plot, how everything shakes out for our hero and heroine reads perfectly. I didn't miss the sex, and I still had happy sighs throughout the book.

This is clearly the first in a series, and I am frothing with impatience for the next book. (The danger of inhaling new releases, am I right?!) I read this book in a day -- started it in the AM and just kept sneaking glances throughout the day, pausing only when necessary -- and it's a great escapist read for those who enjoy some armchair time travel and competent heroines. The Pre-Revolutionary War Philadelphia and Pennsylvania setting is wonderful, as is Edgren's Quaker community -- a locale I rarely come across in historical fiction.

If you like historical romances, get this for sure. If you like some paranormal or supernatural elements in your fiction, but aren't into urban fantasy, also consider this one -- it has some magical themes that blended seamlessly into the story and never jarred me out of the rest of the narrative.

*** *** ***


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  1. I am THRILLED that you enjoyed this as much as I did! It's torture waiting for the release of the second book. What I really loved was how well of the different elements meshed together - it's the perfect mix of romance, historical, and paranormal. I devoured it!

    Thanks for hosting Kari's Blog Tour, Audra!

    HF Virtual Book Tours

  2. This novel really seems like a good one. Would love to read it. Thanks for entering me. Thanks for the easy form to fill out.