Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekend reads and almost ready...

We're finally close to being prepped for Little Reader's arrival (I'm not sure I'll ever be ready!). About two weeks or so to go!

As we had to move into a one bedroom, we're sharing nursery space, so we decided to pick a muted nautical theme (with hints of Moby Dick, my wife's favorite book) for our room.

We got an inexpensive duvet cover from Ikea in a muted cream and slate blue stripe, and using a cheaper Ikea mirror, my wife managed to replicate a pricy Restoration Hardware mirror I had my heart set on.

I found the striking Moby Dick decal on Etsy, and my wife refinished all our bedroom furniture with chalk paint, to give things a distressed look. And since we're swimming in adorable baby clothes, we strung up a clothes line to show of a rotation of our favorites (including ones, no doubt, Little Reader will quickly outgrow).

It's been fun nesting, although we still have one more thing to do: install the car seat!  After that, I think I'll feel prepped for Little Reader to get here.  I've started packing my overnight bag -- my wife keeps teasing me that I'm tossing books in, like I'll read during delivery -- but it makes me feel better to have books on hand!

My weekend reads are sadly the same ones from last week; both The Sharp Hook of Love and Hand of Fire are stellar, but between prep, childbirth classes, and general exhaustion, I've had little energy to read.  I hope to snuggle in this weekend and get some serious reading done!

What are you reading this weekend?


  1. Oh my goodness, how exciting! Love the nursery touches and nautical bits. Looks like you've done a fabulous job with the space. I can definitely see myself tossing books into my hospital bag, too -- you just never know when you'll need to read! :)

    1. I'm really so very pleased -- we lived in our previous place for five years and never bothered with any decor (because we might be moving soon, we kept saying!) and even though we know we're leaving this place in a year, I'm glad we decided to make our bedroom/nursery look like something sweet and special. It's made it all the more real that the baby is coming (like my belly isn't making it clear, but whatever!).

      I have at least one funny read for when I need to relax -- our midwife said laughing can help with pain management, and I'm all for that! The rest of my reads are escapist -- that will surely help, right??

  2. I LOVE what you've done. And yea! I can't wait to "meet" your little reader.

  3. Your nursery space is adorable! I hope you enjoy the next few weeks and wish you a smooth delivery.

    I packed my nook in my hospital bag and did read a little while everyone was sleeping (but not in the delivery room!).

  4. Oh my gosh, the bedroom looks wonderful! What an exciting, happy time for the two of you!

  5. Moby was her fave read? Really? I am glad I read it and it had humor in it, which I did not expect, but that read along was like a stake through the heart! I felt guilty for roping people into it. They were all tortured souls when we finished.

    But, that aside, I love that wall decal.

  6. You might just read - you never know how much time you'll have! My hubby spent a couple of hours watching baseball when I just wanted him to be out of my way for awhile. The room is adorable!

  7. Sounds and looks like you are ready! Wishing you a happy healthy baby! All the rest is just stuff!

  8. I love the space--it looks like the perfect combination of a nursery and a grown-up's retreat! I actually did read in the hospital--but not during labor and delivery (Mr. Nomad Reader actually read crossword clues to me during labor--it was the perfect thing to engage my mind, but we could break for contractions (until the epidural came). It took some effort for me to get out of bed in the hospital, and Mr. NR or the nurses brought H to me. I kept my Kindle within reach and managed to read a bit at odd times of day while he snoozed in my arms or slept in his bassinet. Particularly those time Mr. NR was snoozing and it was almost time for pain pills again--I was up and ready;-)

  9. Love the room! Getting ready for baby is pretty fun. :)

    You can tell your wife that I read at the hospital too! Not during labor obviously, but I did read that next day when baby was sleeping.