Weekend reads and falling behind...

I'm so wildly behind on this blog, it's not even funny (and is starting, honestly, to be a little stressful!).

I've managed to read a few books since the start of the year, but trying to review them feels impossibly hard. Partially I'm not motivated to make the time -- when I have free time, I want to read, or see my wife, or clean our apartment -- and partially I feel sort of mush brained, still, and unable to write a decent review.

Perhaps this weekend...!

My weekend read is Mistress Firebrand by Donna Thorland, which I'll have to sneak in when Little Reader is sleeping (which, these days, is almost never!).

What are you reading this weekend?


  1. As much as all of us in this blogging community would tout the virtues of making time for reading, I think you have your priorities straight! Sneak it in where you can, but don't stress!

    This weekend, I'll be reading Mademoiselle Chanel for the book tour, To Kill A Mockingbird for grad school, and The Golem and the Jinni for fun. Or...maybe none of that since my husband is coming home from a work trip this weekend and we'll probably just end up binge watching House of Cards all weekend.

  2. Hey, don't stress about blogging, or the lack thereof. We're gonna be here when you get back. Take whatever time you need to read, or for yourself, or for your wife and don't sweat the reviewing. Hope you're well!

  3. It's alright. I understand. I feel that way too sometimes by juggling with working four jobs, grad school, and blogging.

  4. Blog when you're able. We'll all be here waiting for you when you come back :-)

    Hope you enjoy Mistress Firebrand. I'm reading Shadow Study by Maria V. Snyder this weekend.

  5. Don't stress over your blog - enjoy your time with your family!

  6. Yes, definitely don't stress over the blogging. You're spending time with your family and reading - very important things!

  7. No stressing allowed :D Enjoy your family!

  8. Sometimes I'm relieved when my blogging friends take time off, because it alleviates my guilt about not keeping up with reading what everyone is posting and makes me feel better about being so behind myself (without nearly as good a reason as you!).


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