Weekend reads and not doing much...

I'm still slowly working my way through Elizabeth Berg's The Dream Lover. It hasn't quite grabbed me, although full disclosure, my brain feels quite cotton-y and stuffed. I thought I was suffering from allergies but I now think I've got a spring cold, and it's a doozy. That, combined with a work retreat and the start of a 10-week writing class, and I feel like I've no time and very little focus.

Since I'd done virtually no work on my novel since having a baby, my wife encouraged me to sign up for a ten-week "novel in progress" class at Grub Street, a local writing center. Excitingly, the instructor is historical novelist Tim Weed, which is such a treat. Although I had been feeling very blue about my novel and thinking I should just quit, I've left each class (two so far) feeling like my writing has great potential and that I might be able to develop my skill as a novelist. As I have the second half of my sabbatical coming up this summer, I'm especially grateful this is kicking me back into a regular writing practice!

What do you have planned for the weekend? What are you reading?


  1. Tells us more about the class, sounds really interesting. Not much planned, was just telling my husband we should just get in the car and drive until we find sun (really rainy here in Geneva the last couple of days).

  2. Obviously your writing does have potential - otherwise your wife wouldn't be so encouraging. Keep at that novel!!

  3. How exciting to be in a motivational writing class...keep at it. I just finished the new Lisa,Scottoline book. I picked up something light for the weekend and will begin the new Greg Iles next. Hope you're feeling better soon

  4. That's great that you've got the class to inspire you! I see you're reading Balm, which I reviewed for Library Journal. I really liked it. I haven't read Elizabeth Berg's last several books, although I used to read her pretty faithfully.

  5. I am so glad that Grub Street has given you hope! I didn't think your writing could be that bad! I'm sure your novel idea will flourish soon! I've heard great things about Grub Street.


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