Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wordless Wednesday, June 10

I've finished back-to-back delicious reads in the last few weeks, but still can't quite motivate myself to get on reviews.

Wordless Wednesday is deeply appealing, needless to say.

Just started this read, and am in love already. Continuing my slow progress through this vest -- my first attempt at cables. Here's hoping I finish before Unabridged Baby outgrows it (like my last endeavor!).

Tell me about your day, in books or projects or pictures.


  1. Writing reviews does get to be hard, doesn't it? I wish I could knit like that.

  2. I'm not sure when I stopped writing about what I thought of a book and started "reviewing" but I feel like I can't...I don't know ... I can't express my thoughts in a way that is at all interesting. It is probably exhaustion (I'm so one note these days!) and I'm toodling around with my review format to see if that unblocks me. It's a shame I can't find a way to squee about these great reads -- it's been so nice to dream about reading again.

    The knitting is getting easier, thanks to the support of a super knitter friend, who just reminds me "it's one stitch at a time". :)

  3. I feel the same way sometimes- completely unmotivated to review. As though I loved a book but "having" to review it kills it for me. But then I hate it when my blog falls silent for too long.
    I loved Bitter Greens and have The Wild Girl on my shelf waiting for me. I'm glad you liked it. I should move it up on my list of what to get to next.

  4. What a gorgeous cover and perfect pairing with the yarn! Look forward to hearing more about the book. With new baby I am impressed you are reviewing as much as you do! My kids are old and I feel more stretched instead of less :/.