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Mistress of the Court by Laura Purcell

Title: Mistress of the Court Author: Laura Purcell First line : Pain cracked across the back of Henrietta's skull, filling her vision with white light. Review: Purcell's previous novel, Queen of Bedlam , made my top ten of 2014 ; it was a compelling, sympathetic look at a royal family not often featured in fiction, and it kindled in me a renewed interest (and sympathy) for royal women. In this book, Purcell tells the story of Henrietta Howard, courtier in the Hanover court of George II and Caroline. Trapped in a violent marriage, Henrietta moves her abusive, gambling husband to Germany in hopes of bettering their lives. Her obvious plight touches Caroline, and the two develop an intimate friendship of sorts. So loyal is Henrietta that when asked by Caroline, she becomes the King's mistress. And from there, Henrietta is plunged into even more emotional tumult. What privilege and comfort she got from that romance was countered by the loss of her friendship with

Weekend reads and not really reading...

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words the last few weeks; I'm behind on responding, but am appreciative of your support and cheerleading (and reassurances I'm still a great blogger despite being behind on reviews!). Am a bit gloomy on a brilliantly sunny Friday here in Boston --  I've got a vicious migraine (allergies, I suspect) -- but have a weekend alone with the baby as my wife is away taking a class. Obviously, the best way to comfort myself over my inability/lack of time to read is by piling up my books and crafting an ambitious To Be Read pile. Although I can't really stand to look at a screen, I'm starting Andrea Berthot's YA debut, The Heartless City , a novel that imagines the world following Dr. Jekyll's transformative discovery. Having read and enjoyed Hyde last year (another review long owed!), I'm eager for this one. What are you reading this weekend?

Weekend reads and falling seriously behind...

I'm sorry I've been so absent from this blog; as before, I wish I could claim crazy work success or non-stop reading, but mostly, I'm just tired. (Who isn't?!) I've got about six reviews I need to write, including a few that are of top ten reads for this year, and I'm not sure why I'm so paralyzed about that. Perhaps because so much time has passed? Do you all have any tips for getting out of the review-writing funk? I'm ambitiously juggling three current reads at the moment, but all three are so good I can't stop any of them to focus on one. I'm more than half way through Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy , which reads like a novel, it is so good; and about a third of the way through Little Woman in Blue , a novel about May Alcott (Amy from Louisa May Alcott's Little Women ). Little Woman in Blue is responsible for a bout of out-loud laughter on my commute this morning. And I've just started Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Frie