Weekend reads and not really reading...

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words the last few weeks; I'm behind on responding, but am appreciative of your support and cheerleading (and reassurances I'm still a great blogger despite being behind on reviews!).

Am a bit gloomy on a brilliantly sunny Friday here in Boston --  I've got a vicious migraine (allergies, I suspect) -- but have a weekend alone with the baby as my wife is away taking a class.

Obviously, the best way to comfort myself over my inability/lack of time to read is by piling up my books and crafting an ambitious To Be Read pile.

Although I can't really stand to look at a screen, I'm starting Andrea Berthot's YA debut, The Heartless City, a novel that imagines the world following Dr. Jekyll's transformative discovery. Having read and enjoyed Hyde last year (another review long owed!), I'm eager for this one.

What are you reading this weekend?


  1. Hope you feel better. I am reading tons but not reviewing! Too busy at work and too distracted. I just need to get them down and out of my system. I've already forgotten many of the details. It happens to all of us.

  2. Leaving books behind (gasp) for a quick anniversary getaway. Alright I might put one in my suitcase . . .

  3. Leaving books behind (gasp) for a quick anniversary getaway. Alright I might put one in my suitcase . . .

  4. I hope you are well soon and back to reading at your usual rate. I am reading Dog Stars by Peter Heller and it is compelling thus far. It is dark and I don't mind reading dark themes occasionally.

  5. I probably won't be reading much of anything because I'll be working. I hope you're bck to normal before you know it.

  6. Finished Everything I Never Told you by Celeste Ng...loved it! (Blog post forthcoming in the near future--actually about halfway done!) Like you and so many others, I am way far behind on reviews of books I've read since establishing my blog...but I'm getting accustomed to it! :) Read more of The Joy Luck Club for the Read-Along and posted for the second Check-In. Continued reading Gone With the Wind for that Read-Along on which I am woefully late and far behind, but it's okay. :) Perfectionism is in the past for me, now I just strive...and do my best!

  7. Just wanted to say I am so jealous that you have Geraldine Brooks' latest! And the Deanna Raybourne looks so good! They all look so good! Yum!


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