Midweek reads and stalling out...

I probably should have arranged my side table (or at least, cleaned up the used tissue) but I wanted to blog honestly about where I am right now.

This is the same stack I've had since January. I'm sure there are some amazing reads here (and there's my e-reader, too, which is loaded up with ARCs, too), but I just can't...

I'm sick, and the baby is sick, and my wife is sick. So I'm tired and cranky. But even before we all got sick, it seems I can only manage to mainline The Great British Baking Show (and we've watched the whole season something like three times, and there's only one season available!).

I've only had one year of a reading funk this bad, and it was a year of terrible personal turmoil. So far, I have no excuse as 2016 is just fine, nothing dramatic or too challenging, so why the seeming disinterest in reading? (And the blogging and reviewing, oh, I am so behind on reviews!)

What do you do to get out of this funk? And is there a point when one should just give up? (On blogging, at least?)


  1. I don't think you should actively quit, just back off for a while. I think the urge to read and blog will return if you take the pressure off yourself.

  2. I agree! You've got a very small child, you moved house...those are major things and maybe right now your reading passion has to move onto the back burner. My advice would be to read for fun ONLY--don't read anything that feels like a commitment. The trouble with book blogging is that after a while, reading DOES start feeling like a commitment.

    (Of course you could always find a young blogger who would welcome the chance to keep the blog going while you hibernate and contribute the occasional post...just a suggestion.)

  3. Sometimes you have to throw the obligations out the window for a little while! Find something that you really want to read with absolutely no obligation to review or blog about that particular book. I love to blog but sometimes it can feel like a burden if I have a lot of other things going on!

  4. You've got a LOT going on! Actually your life has changed pretty completely since when you started blogging, hasn't it?
    The feeling that I should write a review of every single book I read or listen to is such a weight on my conscience! I end up procrastinating on reviews ALL THE TIME. It seems like this might be what's happening with you? It's really self-imposed. If I've accepted review copies, those are the only ones I should feel guilty about and the only ones I should focus on reviewing for a while. Yet I keep thinking I should review every library book I read, too. Maybe you can get all the books you committed to review into a pile and contact those authors/publicists/whoever with an email saying you're sorry, but you're not sure when you'll be able to review XYZ, after all. That would maybe eliminate the guilt and bring back the pleasure of reading?

  5. I haven't had a funk like that, but since everyone is sick, I think you should give yourself a break and just step back. Your energy will probably return when everything calms down.

  6. I know how you feel when the whole house is sick. We've had that experience here too. I've had some reviews prescheduled, but I'm nearing the end of that, so.... We're just starting to feel better here. Don't worry about it...feel better...that's most important...take care of the family

  7. Oh my gosh, it sounds like you're going through such a hard time. It sucks when everybody's ill, and I'm not surprised you're struggling to find time for reading/blogging. Be kind to yourself! is my only advice. Just take good care of yourself, and let the reading/blogging come back to you when it comes back. There's no schedule for that!

  8. Aww, it's so hard to read, let alone blog, when I'm sick, and you AND baby reader and your wife are all sick too....I love your enthusiasm and passion for books and reading and it seems like that's hard for you to keep aflame at the moment. Maybe not end the blog, but put it on hiatus? Like other people have said, you've had some enormous life changes and reading for pleasure and blogging when you feel like it might be a good way to get back into it, after a break. I keep thinking about what you said re writing, that you make up all these rules for yourself and if you don't keep to them all perfectly, then you don't get to do something. So to hell with all the invisible constraints around writing or blogging or reading right now, just do something that makes you feel better, not obligated and like you're failing to measure up to unfair standards. If the standards are arbitrary and don't have anything to do with where you are personally so 'failing' to meet them is impossible, that's a problem with the standards, not with you.

  9. That sucks. I hope you feel better soon.

  10. As everyone else has suggested, I would just sit back, relax and heal. Concentrate on the tasks at hand and when the mood strikes ('cause it inevitably will), then pick up a book. Any book. Just let it all go for now. I sometimes have to do that, too. I think everyone does. So this is your time to break from your self-applied pressure regarding reading and blogging. :) You really have had a ton of changes in the recent past and although we all like to think we're adjusting just fine, in reality most of us suffer a bit of 'jet lag' with regard to change and eventually it hits and we need a break. That's my diagnosis! :) (Based upon personal experience.) Take care of yourself first. No one else will. :)


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