Thursday, July 7, 2016

Books DNF'd so far in 2016

I started this post expecting a longer list, but it turns out I've only DNF'd two books this year so far! (There are a few more unfinished, but I might pick them up again, so am not considering them DNFs. Arbitrary, perhaps, but there ya go!) Anyway, my thoughts on what I'm not going to finish reading. What have you DNF'd this year?

Ingrid Betancourt, The Blue Line

Basically, it's like Isabel Allende meets Susanna Kearsley -- South American history and politics with a little supernatural romance-y-ness. I really really wanted to like this one, being partial to Betancourt, but it was just a little too ... I can't put my finger on it ... emotionless? Stiff? The flipping between the past and present -- always something I'm "eh" on anyway -- was tiresome to me -- artificially stretched the tension.

Kiersten White, And I Darken

Loved the idea of what-if-Vlad-was-female but didn't "see" it in what was unfolding. Got about 10% in and just had to DNF -- it was comprehensively boring, if such a thing is possible. Anyway, life is too short blah blah. I admit that every time I see the cover or read the premise I think I want to try again, and then I remember the impenetrable wall of text that was each page. But lots of other bloggers I trust loved this one, so maybe listen to them?


  1. I haven't DNFed anything this year. Given the major life change I've just been through (you can relate, right?--in my case moving to England) it's been more a case of Did Not Start :D

    1. Yes, I can soooo relate! Hope you get all settled soon so reading can resume!

  2. Whoa, only two DNFs all year? I'm impressed! I start so many books and don't finish them -- usually after just a few chapters, I get bored and toss them aside and pick up something else from my library stash -- that it's not even worth posting about them. That would be all my posts! :p (Not really. But sort of.)

  3. I haven't DNF'd anything this year, but I'm sure it will happen at some point.