Monday, September 12, 2016

Bloggiesta To Do; or, getting stuff done

Just a few books needing reviews...
I was just bemoaning on Twitter that I don't know how to get back into reviewing when someone suggested Bloggiesta, the quarterly marathon housekeeping blogging event to help bloggers do the stuff that keeps a blog spiffy and sharp. I always mean to participate, and never seem to pay attention to the dates, so I'm grateful the universe made me whine online at just the right time!

In looking at the list of books I still need to review, I realized if I actually did them all now, I'd have a review to post every weekday for a month. (!) It's ridiculous -- especially as most of the un-reviewed books are five star squeefests -- they deserve some love!

Anyway, here's hoping doing some blog work with the support/pressure of others doing the same will be motivation. Lots of folks advised me to try doing minireviews, so I'm going to aim for that as well -- better say a little something than a lot of nothing, right??

My to-do for this fall's Bloggiesta, which runs this Thursday through Sunday:
  • write three reviews
  • cross-post those reviews on GoodReads and Amazon
  • do one Bloggiesta mini challenge
  • change or fix one thing on your sidebar
  • change one thing on your layout and/or look
  • comment on other Bloggiesta partipants blogs
Any of you participating in Bloggiesta? Have any other tips for getting out of the not-reviewing rut?


  1. I tend to change up my review style when I'm in a review writing slump. I'll post mini reviews, or list type reviews on why you should read the book. I've also done pros & cons lists for a review. You've got this! Happy bloggiesta!

  2. Participating in memes and events like Bloggiesta can help by creating deadlines and interacting with other bloggers to get you energized again.

  3. This will be my first Bloggiesta, so I am really excited. Hopefully we'll all do great.

    My Bloggiesta Page

  4. I love that this is going to get you motivated. I always forget about Bloggiesta. I think I participated in one of the first long ago.

  5. I think your to do list is quite good to start with.....

  6. I'm also severely behind on my reviews, Audra. Don't think I've posted once since, oh, about the time we decided to move countries...THE MOMENT WHEN TIME FELL INTO A BLACK HOLE. Babies do that too. Mini-reviews will probably be my answer as I may not necessarily remember the book, just have an impression of whether it was any good.

    How about you group the books and do a review page for each group? Since it's your blog...

  7. I do love these events. They definitely help me get things done! Great list. Here's my BLOGGIESTA POST

  8. If I knew the secret to getting out of your reviewing rut, I'd be doing it to myself, I'm afraid! But you're an inspiration for participating in Bloggiesta -- I never do because I know I'd just end up not doing it and then feel even guiltier. :p

    I am determined to get at least one review scheduled this evening, though. I will do it. I will.

  9. Would this be one of those occasions where the best way to get back to it is to just do it? Maybe start on those less than 5 stars (thinking of the 'loved it but can I do it justice' worry).

    Good timing, knowing everyone else isc working on blogging, too. Best of luck!

  10. I'm using Bloggiesta to try and get my blogging groove back too, so fingers crossed for us both!Looks like we have several of the same goals too. My list always winds up growing as I visit the other participants and see their goals.

    Good luck with the mini reviews! I've never been able to do those as they wind up even longer than my regular reviews. Once I get going, it's tough to stop! ha!

  11. Good luck on your list! Happy Bloggiesta!

  12. Im doing Bloggiesta as well! Good luck with your list. Love your blog!

  13. I hope you were able to get some things done during this Bloggiesta! I've only been able to do a few, but I'm hoping to sneak some more in before it's over tonight! Good luck! :)

  14. A not-reviewing rut can be upsetting. I write my reviews as I read so it isn't so overwhelming.

    By the time I am done with with the book, my review is pretty much ready to go.

    Give that method a try if you think it will help.

    Have a good week.

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