Friday, September 30, 2016

Weekend reads and chilly times...

It's been a crazy week in a crazy busy month. The flowers pictured were a thank you from my staff group after our retreat this week. It was wonderful to see all my colleagues in person and rejuvenating to my work, and the flowers were just icing on an already delicious cake.

The orange folder you see peeking out from the corner contains notes from my Novel Generator classes. I can't believe it, but I'm one of 14 novelists who are in this program, which is designed to help writers finish a first draft in nine months. I just finished up the second session last week, and I've already learned so much.

I'm returning to my novel idea from my 2013 sabbatical, the historical novel set during the pre-Civil War years known as Bleeding Kansas. It's a novel that daunts me so I'm really hopeful this course will help me learn craft as well as hone in on the kind of research I still need. (The overwhelming research and deep themes are partially why I abandoned my horrid first draft!)

My weekend read is Julie K. Rose's Dido's Crown, a historical novel set in 1930s Tunisia. It's an adventure novel against a war story, with bittersweet threads and a tough heroine who is seriously believable (at one point, she wakes up realizing she's drooled in her sleep. It's fabulous.)

What are you reading this weekend?


  1. Good luck with your novel! I can't wait to purchase it one of these days!

  2. Aw, those flowers are beautiful! And good luck working on your novel -- historical novels always sound like an utterly daunting kind of thing to work on, so I admire that a ton.

  3. Reading Julie K Rose's Dido's Crown this weekend too. Enjoying it immensely.

  4. The flowers are beautiful, and I hope that this course is just what you need to finish your novel