Weekend reads and recovering slowly

We have been a plague house for weeks, and I'm finally feeling human again (ish -- I've got a kidney infection so I'm miserable in a different way!). Sadly, Unabridged Toddler has gotten the virus, so I anticipate lots of cuddling and kids books in my future.

I'm working my way through Jessa Crispin's essay-ish memoir-ish book, The Dead Ladies Project: Exiles, Expats, and Ex-Countries. It's a little bit like a blog or diary, with lots of bookish nerdiness and crazy international travel. Lots of vicarious living for me. Stalled out on my fiction reading: my work book club selected a book I've already read, and I'm not just hooked by any of the ARCs floating around me.

What are you reading this weekend?


  1. Hope everyone feels much better soon!! I have that book on my TBR list - I can't wait to read it. Sounds like it'll be a fun one. Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. How is Unabridged Toddler so big already?! Take care of yourselves!

  3. I hope you feel better soon as well as everyone in the house.
    That memoir sounds very good.

  4. I hope you all recover soon. The memoir sounds engaging!

  5. Hope you all feel better soon! I can't believe he's a toddler already!

  6. Aw, feel better! I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the Jessa Crispin book -- at first I really liked it, and then I began increasingly to feel that Crispin was pretty down on women who didn't behave in the way that she felt women ought. And most of what I've read by her since then confirmed that impression and it made me so saaaaaaaad because I just loved most of her book. :(


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