Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review: BarbaraGrace Upcycled Journal, Portfolio, and Affirmation Cards

Earlier this fall I was approached by Barbara Grace, a recycled/upcycled journal and stationary shop, to review some of their offerings.

Being a journal junkie, I couldn't say no, and I'm delighted to introduce folks to this charming company. I was sent their recycled leather folder, a book journal, and the water-themed affirmation cards for review. I loved everything, and I'm excited to squee about them, especially because everything is affordable in addition to being cute!

Book Journal: Barbara Grace takes old books, spiral binds them, then adds blank paper between some of the original pages to create an inventive and unique journal. I'm in love with these journals -- what book geek wouldn't be? -- and I was delighted to receive an old geography guide turned journal. (I majored in geography as an undergrad.)

Each journal is 100 pages, with blank paper rather than lined (my preference). I'm really torn between using this as my next diary or making it my 2017 bullet journal -- just having to resist the urge to horde it!

I'm especially excited about being introduced to Barbara Grace because they repurpose children's books into journals, too, and I'm already daydreaming of the day I get Unabridged Toddler his first diary. (Probably when he's Unabridged Kid, but a girl can dream!)

Leather File Folder: Made of recycled leather, this file folder was the biggest surprise for me as I didn't really think I needed a fancy folder -- but it's become a handy tool for me at work. I'm always shuffling between meetings with a pile of papers, and I love that I've got something chic and unique to keep everything neat. The folders have a smooth inner lining so nothing catches and the simple metal pin closure is smart and effective. The leather is firm but not hard; I suspect it'll soften with use without getting floppy, and the color is wonderfully bold.

Affirmation Cards: These affirmation cards have been an unexpected but welcome gift during the stressful last few weeks, and I've found myself turning to them almost every morning.

Printed on matte stock, the colors and photos are bright and soothing, and it's been lovely to sip my coffee and decide which view I want on my desk. The pack comes with some suggestions for use, too, for those who aren't sure what they'd do with a set. I've either browsed the cards to see what "calls" or have randomly selected, and either way, it's been a lovely little focusing ritual.

If you're looking for unique stationary items, consider BarbaraGrace -- their offerings are one-of-a-kind and very affordable.


  1. Wow! I love the idea of that book journal - how fun! I'm heading over to the Barbara Grace site now - thanks!

  2. I have to go check out these journals!