Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter 2017 Bloggiesta To Do Post

I love Bloggiesta for reminding me to brush up and take of my blog, and doing it "in community", so to speak, makes this housework a little more fun.

Given my earlier whining about feeling out-of-it with my blog, I'm really excited there's a mini-event this coming weekend in which I can do some backend work here.

My to do list is pretty simple:
  • make a top 10 of 2016 post (even if it is just a list!)
  • review the book I just finished!
I'd like to start 2017 without a backlog of reviews, so it feels important I keep up. We'll see if I'll tackle my 2016 backlog. (Perhaps for another Bloggiesta!)


  1. Two good choices.

    I already did mine. :) Over achiever...LOL!!

    Have fun.

    Silver’s Reviews

  2. Great goals! Good luck, and have fun!

  3. I've missed the last couple, so I'm jumping back in on this Bloggiesta! A mini one sounds just right, and I've got a 3-day weekend to work with. I never did my 2016 favorites list, so maybe it's not too late for me, either? Good luck! (P.S. I see you're reading Swing Time, too. I'm halfway through, and trying to make it last!)

  4. Good goals. Immediate and achievable, although it's so hard to pick just 10 books.

    I like your TBR list.

  5. Simple and to the point, great list! Have a great rest of the mini Bloggiesta

  6. good luck.. always hard to come with top 10 lists.. :)

  7. I hope you accomplished your goals for this weekend! I still need to write a rough draft of a review to complete my Bloggiesta to-do list. Other than that I'm pretty much done!