Monday, April 10, 2017

Book Review: 1,001 Ways to Slow Down by Barbara Ann Kipfer

This beautifully illustrated volume does just what the title promises, offering 1,001 ways to slow down.

In her introduction, Kipfer writes about "living at the speed that brings you the most joy and satisfaction", which resonated deeply with me. I'm not a slow person by nature, but I could use with more reminders to be attentive to the moment.

Designed to be cracked open when needed, rather than read through in a sitting, this book is like a zen friend who offers those reminders without judgment. The tips range from the easy -- Slow down and enjoy eating. -- to the more complicated -- Consider a move to a smaller house. -- so every suggestion may not be right for each reader. But even those that really weren't or won't be applicable to me -- Chop your own wood. -- still offered me a moment of pause -- and really, isn't that what it's about?

I found immediate use for this book from the day it arrived -- a random page offered the perfect centering sentiment for opening a work meeting, and I've taken to paging through it when keyed up about something. It's not a book one might immediately think "I need!" and yet, it's probably a book many of us need in our days! (I've taken to leaving it out at my desk, and many of my colleagues browse through it -- use this a bit like a coffee table book!)

I am particularly taken with the illustrations of this book: each page is detailed with a gorgeous border, soft and appealing, with quotes illuminated in pretty repeating patterns.

A very welcome volume in tense times, I was surprised by appreciative of this hefty book. A perfect gifting volume, this would be great for high school and college graduates, as well as those whose lives are packed full of, well, life! (I'm thinking end of year holidays and birthdays -- forget New Year's resolutions -- why not moments of calm?)

Title: 1,001 Ways to Slow Down: A Little Book of Everyday Calm
Author: Barbara Ann Kipfer

Genre: Non-Fiction (How To / Inspirational / Self Improvement / Meditation / Slow Movement)
Publisher/Publication Date: National Geographic (3/28/2017)
Source: TLC Book Tours


  1. This sounds great! I think I could use a copy and also give it as a gift.

  2. I agree, I'd like to find a copy. How did you discover it?

    1. TLC Book Tours invited me to review it -- I'm so glad they did because it's been such a lovely find!