Friday, April 21, 2017

Weekend reads and spring soon?

It's gray and rainy today, which I normally don't mind, but I'm also headache-y (allergies?) and super stressed about work, so everything is just annoying to me. (I'm pretty sure a gorgeous day would send me into a snit, so really, I'm not safe for human consumption.)

I'm chugging along merrily on my novel (my nine-month class wraps up in June!) and while I'm only just at Part 2, it feels like a better draft than I've ever had before. I feel like I've finally "gotten" how to do drafts without self editing so much, and it's such a relief. The story doesn't come easily, but at least I'm nitpicking at it less! 

My weekend read is Feast of Sorrow by Crystal King and it is faaaaaaaaahbulous. I'm really loving it, and I hope I get to log some serious reading time. (Dubious -- Unabridged Toddler got a new batch of library books and has been pleading for a day at the Children's Museum.)

What are you reading this weekend?


  1. Ugh, we're getting that weather later this weekend. I'm glad your draft is coming together so well!

  2. That's great that your writing is going well, even if the weather isn't! Have fun with UT...those days don't last! The other stuff will wait!

  3. Awww, Children's Museum sounds fun FOR ANOTHER DAY WHEN YOU ARE FEELING BETTER. I hope you get lots of uninterrupted reading time this weekend, poor you.