Monday, May 8, 2017

Book Review: The Big Adventures of Tiny House by Susan Bernardo

First line: Once there was a farmhouse in a field of hay, but as it lay sleeping, the acres gave way to a bustling city whose bright, shiny towers edged out the farmhouse, the fields and flowers.

I love the idea of tiny houses although I could never, never, never live in one. The farm where my wife works, and where Unabridged Toddler spends most of his time, has a tiny house, and so when this book was offered for review, there was no way I could pass it up.

Both my toddler and I were completely charmed by this sweet read and gorgeous illustrations. An old farmhouse is transformed into a tiny house, and he and his friend, Big Truck, travel the country and make friends. A snobbish mansion makes Tiny nervous that he's not a real home, but he quickly discovers he's home no matter what.

The text is rhyming, but not irritatingly so, and the illustrations are wonderfully bold and bright. As Tiny and his friends travel the United States, there are visible notes of multiculturalism that are welcome and appreciated.

Additionally, while this is a tale of a tiny house, there isn't any sort of sense of judgment or preachiness to the story, so those of us who aren't tiny house adopters (or even that good at managing clutter) need not feel guilty. (Jealous, perhaps, but not guilty!)

For my vehicle obsessed toddler, this was a related but wonderfully novel read that gave me a break from the endless loop of construction trucks and tractors that make up our book haul. (He's obsessed now with the idea that there's a place where tiny houses gather (the real life Tiny House Jamboree is featured in this book!).)

A lovely, unique picture book, this is a refreshing read that could have been painful hipster or irritatingly out-of-touch, but is instead warm, grounded, and fun.

Title: The Big Adventures of Tiny House
Author: Susan Bernardo

Publisher: Inner Flower Child Books (4/25/2017)
Source: The authors


  1. I'm fascinated by tiny houses so I think this looks adorable.

  2. I am fascinated by these houses, but couldn't live in one.