Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Book Review: The White Road by Sarah Lotz

First line: I met the man who would save my life twice -- and ultimately destroy it -- on a potholed road in the arse-end of the Welsh countryside.

I grabbed this book off NetGalley because I like Mulholland Books offerings, even though adventure thrillers aren't normally my thing. But I'm glad I started this one, as it was a wonderfully diverting summer read, the kind of book that had me impatient for lunch and putting off dinner because I had to know how things would end.

Without (hopefully) giving away too much, the novel follows two mountain climbers, Simon and Juliet, who struggle with their demons as well as their aspirations. Juliet is a famed mountaineer hoping to establish herself with a historic climb, while Simon is employed by a shock journalism website that specializes in "dark" found footage.

Unsurprisingly, things unravel quickly for both Juliet and Simon, and I hung on every word. Lotz is new to me, but Stephen King is a fan of hers, among others, and this book made it clear why. She evokes character, place, and mood brilliantly, and she creates wonderfully complicated characters. Technically, Simon is supposed to be despicable, but I loved him, and I felt for him. Juliet is awesome, and I really wish this book had been double the length because I wanted MORE.

I'm really ambivalent about the ending (in the best way). Do I like it? Do I hate it? If you read this one, discuss it with me on GoodReads because I'm so torn!

Totally fun, gasp-out-loud summer style read (even though it mostly takes place in frigid, frigid cold). Get this one when you've got a three day weekend and nothing to do, because you'll want to just hustle to the end.

Title: The White Road
Author: Sarah Lotz

Genre: Fiction (Contemporary / Thriller / Psychological / Supernatural / Mountain Climbing / Everest / PTSD)
Publisher/Publication Date: Mulholland Books (5/30/2017)
Source: NetGalley


  1. I'm fascinated with mountain climbers so this sounds interesting to me.

  2. This does sound fun! I read Sarah Lotz's first book, which wasn't my favorite book ever (I think my expectations were too high), but I enjoyed it enough to want to read more by the author. Summer thrillers are the BEST.

  3. I am so excited to read this one; I am glad you enjoyed it too!

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