Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Essential Guide to Jane Austen

Today is the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's death. I'm sipping coffee out of my ginormous coffee mug emblazoned with an L.M. Alcott quote, my new copy of Middlemarch by my elbow, and I plan on mainlining every Austen-inspired movie I own, so ... crushing it?

Penguin Random House/Signature Reads has made an Essential Guide to Jane Austen, a 29-page compilation with short pieces about Austen and her beloved works, and it's a fabulously fun way to get your Austen fix without having to call out of work because of an urgent need for an Austen reread.

If you end up paging through it, here are some of the things I want to discuss via comments or on social media:

  • Liz Kay's "6 Jane Austen Novels Ranked by Their Sexiness" (I 100% agree with her 'Peak Sexiness' ranking as it is my favorite Austen.)
  • Charlie Lovett's "Pride and Prejudice on Film: The Best –and the Not-So-Great" (He dislikes the 1980 version that my wife so adores, which is fine by me, and I'm actually undecided on the 2005 version.)
The other pieces are fun (I particularly enjoyed Juliette Wells' contribution on her experience making annotated editions of Austen) and I really need to get the Jane Austen, Secret Radical book. (Anyone read it? Any good?)

And finally, if you have any Persuasion-inspired retellings that you love, tell me about 'em!


  1. I haven't read that many Persuasion retellings...I liked Searching for Captain Wentworth by Jane Odiwe.

    1. I own that one -- Odiwe is always great.