Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bout of Books Update, Day 1 and Teaser Tuesday, August 22

My teaser for this week's Teaser Tuesday comes from the volume of short stories I'm reading: Ship Fever by Andrea Barrett.

It's a fabulous volume (winner of the National Book Award in 1996) and though I'm naturally disinclined toward short fiction, they're working for me now. I'm a little overtired and suffering from allergies, so these short, subtle stories are perfect for distracting me.
During our brief courtship, I told Richard only the things that I thought would make him love me., from "The Behavior of the Hawkweeds".
#boutofbooks Day 1 Update

I managed a little reading yesterday -- more Middlemarch and more Ship Fever -- and I hope tonight to finish the latter. I did my six-word intro on Instagram yesterday.


  1. I have been eyeballing this collection for AGES, so I'm glad you brought it back to my attention. Short fiction is flipping my switch, too, because I have most of the same stuff going on (HEY ALLERGIES). Hang in there!