Monday....musings? August 28

The things that feel summery-y for me are coming to an end: our summer hours at work, which end after this week; vacation for school kids; college kids moving into the dorms; a kind of shift in the weather from muggy heat to tolerable heat; the farm in full harvest mode.

We went camping this weekend, and it was really perfect; I finished Ship Fever which was unbelievable. I love historical short fiction in a way I don't always love short fiction generally -- and while a few of Barrett's stories were too neat, the titular story was un-believable. I'm currently in the throes of Damon Galgut's Arctic Summer, which was a free range reading find, and now confirms I'm just going to browse the library or catalog subject index until a title or book cover catches my attention. (I'm still struggling to finish Middlemarch for my 9/21 bookclub!)

Inspired by Andi of Estella's Revenge, I'm starting to think a little more -- creatively -- about what I want to do with this blog, and what I want from it. I still want to track and reflect on my reading, but i might try less formal reviews (and as I'm doing less book tours, that won't impact things there). I'm really intrigued by the idea of vlogging but am self-conscious, so we'll see what happens. Ultimately, I'm craving connection and feeling like I'm not there right now -- neither giving nor getting -- and I can't tell if book blogging is just not the place for it/me or if I'm just not doing it right. (I don't mean "right" but, you know, right-in-a-manner-that-invites-connection-and-community.)

For a variety of reasons, while I'm still passionate for historical fiction, I feel pretty disconnected from the community -- my major work conference overlaps the Historical Novel Society's conference, so I can't really attend -- and the low-grade drama that exists around book reviewing has really exhausted me that I'm skittish about working with new-to-me authors.

I've really gotten back to my "woo woo" roots, so to speak, and have done some deep diving into one of my longest passions, tarot. I plan to blog a bit more about that -- as well as other kitchen witchery endeavors. I've been reading tarot since I was 16 or so -- so 20 years now! -- and I've amassed a massive collection of decks. But I'd stalled out on serious study for more than a few years, and I'm grateful I'm being called back to this place of meditation, reflection, and musing. I've been back-and-forth-ing about starting a new blog for this stuff, but honestly, I can't manage that -- and my Instagram seems to hold many various themes so why not here?

TL;DR: biographical novel about E.M. Forster's thwarted attempts at gay love is so good; blog not so good; tarot a forgotten favorite. How do you keep book blogging fun and nurture the community you've found?


  1. So excited that you're in this headspace, too! It's nice and rejuvenating to bounce ideas around, so feel free to hit me up any time for more blog-talk. I'm excited to learn more about tarot. I have a few friends who are into it, but I feel like I'm still more or less in the dark! And you might surprise yourself if you try vlogging. I was really self-conscious when I started, but I think seeing myself on camera has helped me be less self conscious. It's a process. :)


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