Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekend reads and some free-range reading...

After going through a glut of reads compelling enough to keep me reading, I've hit a dry spell.

Despite being on the hook for a number of reviews, the galleys and digital ARCs just haven't grabbed me. So I did some browsing through my library's online catalog and made some impulse requests, and so far, the experiment has worked!

My weekend reads is Andrea Barrett's short story collection, Ship Fever, which has been recommended to me more than once by a variety of readers I trust. I grabbed some books that I'm familiar with -- a Penelope Lively I haven't read, The Girl from Rawblood which crossed my radar sometime in the last twelve months -- as well as some I've never heard of -- Silvina Ocampo.

I'll resume Middlemarch on Monday.

What are you reading this weekend?


  1. Enjoy your book and your weekend!

  2. Free range is all I've got lately, and that's still a struggle. I think I might do Bout of Books this week to force me a bit. lol

  3. Free-range reading is great! I finished two books this weekend that were just okay, and now I'm hoping that my next read will be the one that blows me away. I feel like I deserve a super great read!