Monday, September 25, 2017

Mood Ring Recommendations: Feeling...Indecisive

I'm going to start a new series I'm calling Mood Ring Recommendations, in which I'm going to share recommendations and reviews for books (or other things?, if I feel like it) that relate to the mood. It's an experiment; let's see if it's any good!

Since I'm in the midst of angst-ing about what to do with this blog (I even gave myself a tarot reading for advice!), today's mood is going to be:

~ Indecisive ~

These recommendations are reads that immediately came to mind when I started thinking about making choices (or not), hesitating or being impetuous, or otherwise dithering about doing something.

Kage Baker, In the Garden of Iden: When you can live forever, you have lots of time to wonder about the choices you've made. This book is the start of a thirteen book series (or something like that), but it's a fabulous standalone novel, set during Elizabethan England, with a woman who is more cyborg than human (but she still struggles between head and heart).

Rumer Godden, In This House of Brede: This novel about a woman becoming a nun had me researching convents as soon as I was finished. (See, I'm all about dramatic choices and impetuous decisions!) Despite my penchant for drama, however, this is a wonderful novel about what vocation really is, and how one chooses to join a cloistered community.

Nicola Griffith, Slow River: A young woman gets sucked into a new life that may or may not be worse than the one she left. This is a sci-fi-ish/speculative novel with a lesbian heroine and might be one of my top ten all time favorite desert island picks.

Penelope Lively, Making It Up: I love Lively and this collection of short stories is fantasy autobiography, if such a genre could exist. Basically, she takes moments in her life and imagines if she did something differently. It's for all of us who spend our time wishing we could have Sliding Door vision.

Sigrid Nunez, The Last of Her Kind: This novel is set in 1968 and follows two roommates who come from wildly different lives; their friendship spans decades and their terrible, terrible life choices.

Mary Doria Russell, The Sparrow: On the off chance you've never read this novel, do it. Is there anything more dramatic then going on an interstellar mission when you're having a crisis of faith? This is the least science fiction-y scifi I've read.

What books come to mind for you when you think of  indecisive characters and plots hinging on terrible, dramatic, or non-choice choices?


  1. The Sparrow hit me in a very real way. I was so-so over it until those last few pages. Ugh! What a punch to my gut.

    1. Right?? I kind of want to reread it to see if I'd still love it as much as I do. I've avoided the sequel because I hear it really undoes everything awesome of the first book.

  2. I haven't read any of these books. I tend to put down books with indecisive characters. I am all for characters who make impetuous decisions though. :) Hmm, I'm trying to think of a book that would apply to this mood, but I guess I don't have one in mind...unless you count that ridiculous Twilight series.