Friday, December 15, 2017

Weekend reads and ... I got nuthin'

So, after rallying to get back into blogging in October, I've struggled to keep up that momentum and enthusiasm. I've also stalled out on my reading. I blame all that on my eight-week cold which barely resolved itself before I caught another bug, and I'm kind of just tired and grouchy.

I'm still not ready to call it done on my 2017 reading, however. I'm still wading through Middlemarch and really, really want to finish it before 2018. And I've started Zadie Smith's On Beauty and am uh-doring it, so hopefully I can find some time before the 30th to do some long stretches of reading. And I'm, like, 95% done with the shrug I started in May (with the original goal of being done by September) and I really really really want to finish it so I can start something new.

Have you finished your 2017 reading? What's the last book you plan to read for the year? If you've done your top ten (or top reads) for 2017 post, share it with me -- I plan to do wholly free-range reading in 2018 so I'm building my TBR now!

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  1. I definitely have NOT finished my 2017 reading! Au contraire, I am determined to read several more books before the year is out, particularly in the week off I have between Christmas and New Year's. I want to especially knock out a few more nonfiction books -- I'm nearly done with my super rough campus rape book, and then I can hopefully read something a bit more cheerful.