Friday, January 5, 2018

Weekend reads and wow, 2018...

We've survived the "bomb cyclone" here in Boston, but now have ten thousand pounds of snow to shovel in negative temps. Hooray!

This weekend is the Moby Dick Marathon at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, an annual tradition for our family. So we can safely assume my read for the weekend will be Moby Dick, although I am working on a few reads, trying to find something to sink into: Middlemarch (still!), Emergent Strategy, and The Desire Map.

What are you reading this weekend? For those of you impacted by snow and cold -- hope you're okay!


  1. It's cold (for us) here but thankfully the snow missed us. Stay warm!

  2. Stay warm. The one thing I do not miss about living in Boston is that snow. Too much of that for me.

  3. It's been really cold here, but not as bad as in other places. I spent the weekend reading a ton of pages for my 100,000 pages in 1 year reading challenge I'm doing.