Friday, February 23, 2018

Weekend reads and I'm actually not reading all that much...

Yikes. It's been almost a month since my last post.

I've read only two books so far in 2018 which is pretty much panic-worthy, although I am swimming in really great options. Just haven't had the focus to sit down and read.

I haven't worked on my novel much either (sad trombone) so I can't really say what I'm doing with my time. (Well, I sort of can: I've been knitting up a storm and going through my tarot and other woo, doing some housekeeping and deep diving.)

Anyway, it's not lack of awesome books that has me not reading. It's just me. However, I've got two tempting Victorian-ish books that are siren-calling to me, so here's hoping I get out of my rut! Both are new library finds: Molly Tanzer, Creatures of Will and Temper and E.K. Johnston, That Inevitable Victorian Thing.

Unabridged Toddler and I did a short booktube video to talk about the books we're reading this weekend. What are you reading this weekend?

What are you reading this weekend?


  1. I've had trouble focusing ever since the shooting in Florida - for some reason this one has hit me harder than most.

    I love it that Unabridged Toddler is joining you on the videos!

  2. Don't panic! There's no quota of books you have to read in a given year, and you are doing absolutely fine, friend.

  3. Everyone has reading slumps. I'm sure you'll break out of it soon.
    This weekend, I'm reading So Many Book, So Little Time by Sara Nelson.

  4. Reading slumps are totally normal --- not to worry, you will break out of it soon! And like Jenny said, there's no quota of books you have to read in a given year. So don't get yourself too down about it! -Jessica @ The Book Bratz :-)