Friday, April 6, 2018

Weekend reads and wow, it's been a while...

Yikes, it's been a while.

Winter did a number on me, as it always does; although I can say that while I wasn't reading much (and clearly not blogging about it), I've been filling my time. This year I've finished six knitting projects, which is a record for me given that I normally only manage one piece a year!

A few weeks ago, we adopted two cats since Unabridged Kid and I had reached our limit of cat-less living. After bickering over names for two weeks, we finally reached agreement: Gus, from Gus's Garage, and Stanley, from Stanley's Garage. (Notice a theme?)

I've fallen terribly behind on my novel; I pretty much stalled out after the winter holidays, and I've just gotten back into a morning writing habit (one hundred-ish agonizing words a day, le sigh).

This weekend I'm starting Mary Sharratt's Ecstasy, a historical novel about Alma Mahler. Gifted in her own right, she put all that away for her marriage, and I'm kind of shoulder tense in anticipation of hating all the men in her life.

What are you reading this weekend? How is life with you?


  1. Yay for knitting and adopting Gus and Stanley! I hope you get in the writing groove soon.

  2. I'm reading an Ashley Gardner box set (the Captain Lacey Regency mysteries), the De Goncourt journal 1878-1884 (research) and just finished The Shadow of the Moon by M.M. Kaye on audiobook (sheer indulgence).

    Knitting can nicely be combined with audiobooks...

    I don't think I could read about a woman giving up her own life for her man because it happens All. The. Time. Don't even get me started...

  3. You were missed! Congrats on the two new kitties! Adoptees are the best.
    Put " The Silent Companions" at the top of your list. Loved it.
    I am just starting "My Dear Hamilton".

  4. Whoa, big congratulations on the six -- SIX! -- knitting projects and the new kitties. Is everyone getting along okay? No new cat adoption pains?

  5. I love cats! Living a cat-less life is pretty boring.