Friday, August 3, 2018

Weekend reads and struggling to be present...

This weekend I'm hoping to finish Theodora Goss' The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter which is so ridiculously fun, I can't even deal. It's about the daughters of famous Victorian scientists and their struggle to deal with the legacy of their fathers. If you love Victorian and Gothic lit, this will be catnip for you!

I just got a new tarot deck, The British Gothic Tarot, which I am also loving; and it's a fab overlap with my current read. (It's making me consider more book and tarot pairings!)

Musing a bit on what to do with this blog (yet again) since I'm finding it hard to keep up here and be present (and active) with the other blogs I enjoy. How do you all do it?

And of course -- what are you reading this weekend?


  1. Keeping up with blogging is hard. I made the decision to cut way back last year and I haven't looked back.

  2. Girl, I never feel I have got the right balance with my blog and other people's, so I don't know how to advise you. I try to set aside a few evenings a week when I actually do have time to go bloghopping a little bit. I do not know how to remember to be posting regularly -- I used to do it! How did I do it? What was the secret to Past Me's success?

    I love your new Tarot cards though!

  3. Hallo, Hallo Audra,

    As you know,... I've been an infrequent visitor over the years - partially due to my chronic migraines which has affected my blogging life far more than I've let on in the past (became especially more vocal about this during Spring/Summer 2018) whilst the other half was 'life' itself as it was being lived. I purposely started to re-examine my blogging commitments 3 years ago, started to cut back and re-align what I wanted to do - including pairing down blog tours or substituting one touring company for another which suited better. I also started to notice 2 years ago listening to audiobooks was an easier segue out of a migraine - as print - as much as I adore it, is proving harder. I'm striving now as a 5th Year book blogger to a) move into a 70/30 or 60/40 offset between print/audio and b) re-affirm visiting the bloggers I love reading whilst re-engaging with their own bookish lives.

    *Balance* is one of those elusive attributes I feel we all strive to find... I've been curating a list of book bloggers I support in my sidebar, whilst curating a second list on Twitter which I capped at 365 (cheekily enough). The ones in the sidebar are the ones I truly feel I can personally relate to - either their approach to book blogging, their choices in stories or something I saw on their blog which gave me a smile -- those are the blogs I'm trying to cycle back through each month and maintain a healthy 'point of contact'.

    It's a work-in-progress I admit! I do regularly visit your IG feeds even though I left IG - whilst I try to catch your feeds in the twitterverse. I admit, until now... I wasn't able to visit much at all this year for personal and health reasons. Just getting back on solid footing from Spring/early Summer's wrath of beastly migraines was a step in the right direction!

    Though to answer your question - how as a migraineur do I find joy in reading, tweeting and blogging? Wells, for starters - I purposely staid social on *one* social platform (I picked the one I love most) whilst maintaining my blog. I regret I lost track of each of you I loved reading/visiting but that has more to do with health than anything else. I lean hard on my faith, my parents uplift me when I feel down and to stay away from stories is not in my DNA. The hardest part is the segue out of a supernova migraine - but even then.. after I recover, I resume being bookishly geeky same as I ever was and hopefully can give some bookish joy to others in the progress.

    I guess what I'm saying - you have to find what is the 'right balance' for you. What works for you in your life right now, which social platform is your favourite and if blogging isn't holding a candle of joy for you as it once did maybe #bookstagram or microblogging on Twitter (using the threads?) is a better alternative? Some blog tours are now offering bookstagram tours (ie. I know Prism Book Tours launched it recently as did Singing Librarian Books and I believe HFVBTs as well) --- I do miss your visits, dear heart, but I also know you've been going through a heap yourself these past years. Plus, your a *Mum!* which is extraordinarily brill in it's own right!!

    Whatever you decide, we'll support you! :) *big hugs*