Thursday, April 4, 2019

Alyssa Cole's A Prince on Paper

Love was for brave fools and Johan was entirely too clever and too cowardly to succumb to it.

Take one international playboy and one wallflower determined to change the story people tell of her and you get this wickedly charming romance.

A Prince on Paper by Alyssa Cole
Avon, 2019
Digital ARC provided by publisher

This was my second Cole book, but the first contemporary romance of hers I've read. As with the first book of hers I read, An Extraordinary Union, I was immediately smitten.

This is technically the third book in her Reluctant Royals series so I was a tiiiiiiny bit lost at the start when the characters from the earlier books were crowding for reader reunion time. But enough backstory is provided that I wasn't lost when it came to Nya and Johan, and their super cute, super sexy romance won me over immediately.

I loved this modern take on the romancing royalty trope -- I haven't read any modern royal romances, actually so I didn't know what to expect -- and now Cole has set the high water mark all other authors will need to reach. Sorry not sorry!

Our heroine Nya is used to being a wallflower, finding love through phone app games and watching her friends find their happily ever afters. Our hero Johan is used to being notorious even though his behavior hides more altruistic drives. A flight to a wedding throws them together and, well, things get good.

This great piece from Love in Panels explains why Cole's books are so particularly exciting and delightful for me. I love reading romances featuring heroines of color, penned by a woman of color, because there's no othering or exoticizing of marginalized people. While Cole's heroines touch on racism -- usually a note of apprehension by her heroines on meeting the white relatives of their beaux -- the heroine's identity is never part of the conflict between our lovers.

At this point, Cole is an automatic buy for me (I'm pretty much averaging at least one Cole romance a month now and I'm loving that) and I can't wait for what else she's got coming. 


  1. Ahhhhh I can't wait to read this! I have it on hold at the library and I cannot WAIT, even though obviously I have plenty of stuff to read in the meantime. Too much, one might say. :p I love love love Alyssa Cole.

  2. I'm not a bit romance reader, but I like having titles to recommend to my friends!