Monday, June 17, 2019

Halfway through my reading year: a few thoughts

I've had to increase my yearly reading goal three times already.

I'm just flabbergasted at that; pretty much since I was pregnant, so the last five years, trying to get in the reading I wanted has been a struggle.

Exhaustion when Unabridged Kid was a babe, and then the struggle to balance parenting and working. Slush-brain and mush-brain. Then, I don't know, disinterest. But unbelievably, this year, something switched.

Maybe it's just that the kid is a kid now, and I'm sleeping a little better; work is brisk and interesting and I've time to read and an interest in reading.

I've read 54 books so far, which I can't even believe.

I've done 16 of the 24 tasks for Read Harder 2019. (And, accidentally, accomplished 12 of the 26 Reading Women challenge).

I'm very, very behind on my historical fiction challenge, but I feel okay with that, because I feel like I can cram those reads in very easily. (I mean, along with romance, hist fic is my catnip.)

Unbelievably, I've even managed some rereads, although it appears I've only noted one (Alyssa Cole's A Prince on Paper.) (I also reread The Black God's Drums as well as both Letters for Lucardo and Fortunate Beasts, reviews to come someday, I hope.)

And even though I promised myself I wouldn't do any review reads, a number of 2019 releases have caught me (or, I just opened them up based on author or title). True to form, I haven't been great about reviewing them though. Sad trombone.

An enormous chunk of March was just hate reading.

So far, I've noted seven books as possibly making my top ten of 2019; I'm pretty sure five of them will be in the top ten no matter what else I read.

I've only DNF'd one book so far in 2019 (Frankenstein in Baghdad, which I just could not get myself to finish).

If I had anything I'd like to improve in my reading year, it'd be doing a better job of writing reviews or reflections. I should probably give myself permission to something shorter, like I do on GoodReads, rather than pressure myself to try to do something longer.

It feels good to be inhaling books again; my brain feels better for it.


  1. Here's to a great (half) year in books!

  2. Wow, way to go!! I need to get better at writing reviews too -- it's been a while since I had the knack of doing reviews/discussion posts about what I've been reading, and I really want to get back to it!

  3. How awesome to have gotten your reading mojo back! Enjoy it. I still write about every book I read, but my thoughts are getting shorter and shorter. LOL