Thursday, November 14, 2019

National Geographic's Visual Galaxy

Our burning desire to take those first wobbly steps is rooted in our need to go see for ourselves, to taste and touch the world around us. We learn by exploring., from the Foreword by Col. Chris Hadfield

Of the million reasons I love being a parent to Unabridged Kid, one of the biggies is his hunger to know and learn. Seeing his joy, his awe, and his delight as he discovers something about the world around him is a pleasure I can barely express. Which is why I am so loving these gorgeous coffee table books from National Geographic.

Visual Galaxy
National Geographic, 2019
Source from the publisher for blog tour

Earlier this year I gushed about my sentimental attachment to National Geographic; I'm grateful that they are still sharing the beauty and mystery of our world and beyond.

The Foreword from Col. Chris Hadfield is a short love letter to everyone inspired by the sky and what is just past what we can see; I'm a Hadfield fan already but his brief introduction was genuine, awe-filled, and inspiring.

This book is perfect for my aspiring astronaut as it has giant, gorgeous photos, artistic renderings, diagrams, and other pictures detailing the huge and little mysteries of space.

Everything to springboard someone into a deep dive of research is here: the creation of the universe and our Milky Way; maps of the planets in our solar system, a detailed exploration of the sun, and the things beyond our galaxy.

My pictures don't do justice the wonderful illustrations, which Unabridged Kid pours over. I can't wait until he can read because he'll spend hours with this some more. It's the kind of book I suspect we'll keep in our house for a long time, constantly paged through.

I have reviews coming up of Nat Geo's other coffee table releases for 2019 including their awesome Women, featuring portraiture of women around the world, and their historical timelines one -- all this is to say, if you've a young scientist in your life, one or more of these would be a great addition to their library. I have so many memories of paging through big books like these and I'm excited for my kid to make his own memories doing the same.


  1. I love National Geographic three!

  2. Yes! I love having books like this lying around for my kids to pour over.

  3. I absolutely loved this one too! Thank you for being on this tour. Sara @ TLC Book Tours