Friday, February 28, 2020

Weekend reads, or life in the sugar shack

I really hate February as a rule: it's so gray, and cold, and snowy, but not in a pretty way; there aren't enough warm days to make it feel springy, and the rain is still wintry cold and makes me feel achy.

Farm life has made February more bearable in the last few years: we get baby animals, including some hilarious kids most recently; and sugar season starts.

Our second home the last few weeks has been the sugar shack, where my wife and other staff boil the maple sap for 12 hours a day. The small wood shack gets steamy and smells of maple, and is warm and cozy with children and dogs.

My weekend read this weekend is the audiobook of The Deep by Rivers Solomon, read by Daveed Diggs. It's an incredible listen but I'm not surprised, given how amazing Solomon's previous novel, An Unkindness of Ghosts, was.

What are you doing this weekend? Will you be reading anything?


  1. Excuse me, WHAT? You have tiny PIGS? That's a thing you have in your life, and I missed this because I am a foolish woman who's not on Instagram?? That pig is the cutest little bastard I've ever seen and I love it. I am so happy for you and your pigs.

  2. Sounds like a busy time on the farm! Fresh maple syrup! YUM. Everybody has loved The Deep. I need to read it (listen to it).