Friday, May 1, 2020

Weekend reads, or quaran-weekend

How are you doing? I think this is my sixth week of pretty serious social distancing and as an extrovert, I Am Dying. I mean, there's been an embarrassment of riches when it comes to Zoom meetings, but I'm also experiencing serious Zoom fatigue. Unabridged Kid is a wicked extrovert to and while he's loving being home with me all the time, he's also missing his farm community.

Our coronahobby has been gardening, in that we're checking daily on the bulbs I planted last fall and buying already established flowers and putting them into the yard. We're addicted. We've also started seeds but that's not going as well and is vastly less satisfying.

Other than mock gardening, I haven't indulged in my hobbies as much as I'd like; I've been too tired and stressed to do more than watch tv. But I'm finally adjusting: I'm dressing up for work, which has actually helped me keep Work Time to work hours, and doing non-work the rest of the time. This weekend I'm starting Laura Lam's Goldilocks, a sci-fi-dystopia-maybe where an all-female space crew steals a shuttle when denied the mission. I feel like it's going to fit my mood of constant low-grade outrage.

What are you reading this weekend? Adopted any new hobbies or brushed off old ones? Hoping all of you are safe and healthy and your loved ones are, too.


  1. It's hard even for me, and I'm used to being home.

  2. For the first few weeks I was watching all the things on TV. Now, not so much because it's all a bit much!

  3. I too have started wearing real clothes! It's strange! I was so much in soft pants the whole first month, and now I'm like "ugh I want to wear jeans and a cute top though". I have started wearing bralettes a lot of the time, which is a huge step up in terms of making my life soft and comfy.

    I have taken up no new hobbies -- I was obsessively transcribing documents for the Newberry Library for a while, but I've stopped that -- but I have gotten legit good at keeping up with my chores app. Yesterday I cleaned out my fridge, among other things, and ended the day COMPLETELY CAUGHT UP ON MY CHORES APP. Such a thing has never happened before. Very momentous.

  4. Gardening can be such a delight in these times. Our vegetable garden gives me the moments of peace I need and time away from work at home and distance learning duties.

  5. Love the flower pics. I left campus to work from home on March 19th so I've been in for awhile. I do run errands weekly because LA County's inventory is all over the place and it's difficult to order things online without it taking weeks to get here or have it not be available once I checkout.

    I am a little stir crazy but don't want to head back to work for awhile.

  6. Fortunately, I've been working from home for decades, so I haven't seem many changes on a daily basis. That said, I always counted on seeing friends and getting out and about on the weekends to balance all those hours in my home office ... it's starting to get to me! I've doing mostly audiobooks and trying not bake all the sweet things -- not because we crave sweets but because baking is my way of coping.