Wednesday, July 8, 2020

On Hiatus

I've basically been on an informal hiatus, given my infrequent updates.

I'm really struggling with whether to continue this blog or not.

I love reading but find writing reviews a chore -- and haven't been able to find a way to write about the books I'm reading in a way that doesn't feel like a chore. Worse, I never read other blogs anymore and am really feeling the lack of connection. I'm so grateful for those who still swing by to comment and I'm really aware that I'm not reciprocating!

I'm also trying to figure out what my place is in the book blogging world, as a white, cishet woman. (Same with the historical fiction sphere, especially as romance and sci-fi/fantasy have their own reckoning.) (If there are anti-racist white bloggers out there interested in getting together to think about how to leverage our privilege for change and check ourselves, let me know!)

I've been back-and-forth-ing about whether to continue on social media; I feel like I have so little interaction with people on Twitter or Instagram, I'm again struck by the feeling that maybe shouting random stuff into the ether isn't quite what's needed.

If you're on social media, I'd love to connect so I can shift from shouting stuff to interacting more. I'm on Twitter, Instagram, and GoodReads the most.

I admit I'm feeling a little sad, especially as I just hit my 10 year anniversary here, but I think I want to be intentional about things rather than to just let something fizzle out. If you've done any bloggish rebooting or transformation, I'd love to hear about it. I'm always available at unabridgedchick at


  1. For what it's worth, I'd like to say that I have always found your blog posts interesting, insightful, challenging, and meaningful. They have introduced me to authors and to works that I would not have been aware of otherwise. I appreciate what you're saying about how blogging can feel like a real chore, and how it sometimes feels like you're shouting into the wind. But you do have readers, and they do look forward to what you say, regardless of how irregular or infrequent those posts appear. (Or should I say "irregardless," now that's it's in the dictionary?) :) Thank you for all that you do.

  2. If you aren't getting joy from doing this, spend time doing something else that does bring you joy and fulfilment.

    I am sad to see you go, but in these strange times it is important to build ourselves up. Not do things which don't.

    Take care!

  3. I REALLY need to be more active on Goodreads -- I always intend to be and then don't end up doing it, but one of these days I'm going to crack the case. :P

    I'll miss you a ton, lovely friend, but I totally get wanting to let go of obligations that aren't sparking joy. Many hugs to you.

  4. But I have only just discovered you!
    Have you considered perhaps hosting authors on your blog and letting us do the heavy lifting for you? An opportunity for those who are looking for friendly places to sing out- of only for one blog-postings worth would be so incredible.... truly.
    I too am sorting through where we're all going to go from here and find it all very unknowable in the extreme.
    Please don't retire just yet.
    If I may, I'll email you separately
    Thanks very much,
    Carrie Hayes

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  6. It's hard to keep the blog alive when it feels like a chore. I revitalized by going back to the roots of the blog -- poetry. I went down that review rabbit hole too long and felt over-scheduled. I've stepped back from all that and post reviews when I have them. I still read fiction etc. and will review it, but I am focused where I want to be on poetry reviews.

    I think that's they key, talking about what you love and why you love it. It no longer feels like a chore.

    I wish you luck in what you decide to do. If you want to talk about anti-racism, etc., let me know and I'll be there.

  7. It would be sad to see you go. I love your blog.