Sunday, December 27, 2020

Reading Challenge: Willa Cather Short Story Project, Phase II

Having spent some of my formative years in the prairie states (Nebraska and South Dakota), I'm sentimental about writers like Willa Cather. 

I haven't done a deep dive into her work, so I'm especially excited to participate in the Willa Cather Short Story Project, a reading challenge to read all of Cather's short stories, one a month. 

Most excitingly, all the stories are available for free online, so there's basically no impediment for my participation.

You can find the entire schedule here. I will put the 2021 reading plan here so I can track my reading and, hopefully, my reflections. Let me know if you're going to participate so we can gush together!

2021 Cather Stories

  1. January 2021 “Lou, the Prophet”
  2. February 2021 “Peter”
  3. March 2021 “A Tale of the White Pyramid”
  4. April 2021 “The Son of the Celestial”
  5. May 2021 “The Elopement of Allen Poole”
  6. June 2021 “The Clemency of the Court”
  7. July 2021 “The Fear that Walks by Noonday”
  8. August 2021 “On the Divide”
  9. September 2021 “A Night at Greenway Court”
  10. October 2021 “The Princess Baladina—Her Adventure”
  11. November 2021 “Tommy, the Unsentimental”
  12. December 2021 “The Count of Crow’s Nest” (Parts I and II)


  1. This sounds like a worthwhile challenge, but 3-1/2 years to complete is way beyond my commitment level! I stink at the one-year ones. Good luck! It does seem do-able and fun!

    1. Yeah, I'm going to commit to 12 stories for this year and hope the success propels me thru into next year!