Friday, February 26, 2021

Weekend reads, or sugaring season is upon us!

It's finally gotten warm (or "warm") -- above freezing during the day! In our house, this means it's sugaring season! 

My wife started the pan this week to begin boiling sap into syrup. The kids love sugaring season for a variety of reasons: the sugar shack is always warm and steamy and smells good; there are mugs of warm sap to drink (at various levels of sweetness, depending on how much water has been boiled off); everyone stays up late waiting for the pan to finish; and usually, there's a crowd of visitors and friends hanging out in the warm, steamy, sweet-smelling shack (less so this year with the pandemic). 

I'm alternating between romance novels and other genres these days; while I haven't started another romance yet, I've just begun Riku Onda's The Aosawa Murders and I'm loving it. I picked it up as it works for a task for both of my reading challenges and I guiltily hope there's a ton of boiling this weekend so I can have a long stretch of alone time to finish it!

What are you reading this weekend?

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