Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Do we need six-hours on Hemingway?

I can think of dozens of other authors I'd rather see featured in a long-form documentary series, but maybe I'll be surprised by Hemingway from Burns and Novick.

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is 'Top 10 Books I'd Glad Throw Into the Ocean'; my list would just be hateful ones that used concern trolling to hurt trans*/nonbinary/gender expressive kids and other terrible books that don't deserve to be named. BUT I could be persuaded to smudge this topic a bit to say, Top 10 Authors I Don't Think Need A Six-Hour Documentary Feature.

 Do you plan to watch this? Who would you rather get a six-hour documentary feature?


  1. I have zero desire to watch this documentary. I'm sure there are far more interesting people to have documentaries about.

    1. Right?? I feel like everything that's been said abt Hemingway is enough. It's like another documentary about the Beatles.

  2. Boy we sure are loving our multipart documentaries these days as a culture, aren't we? I definitely do not need six hours on Hemingway; I do not need one hour on Hemingway. Maybe something exactly like this but about Zora Neale Hurston instead!