Tuesday, September 21, 2021

I finished ... The Queer Principles of Kit Webb by Cat Sebastian

I finished ... The Queer Principles of Kit Webb by Cat Sebastian

I also finished a dress! So satisfying. (You can see the dress under the book, in fact!)

Sebastian's newest is a romance between nobleman-in-need-of-vengeance Percy and reformed-highwayman Kit. The heist was really secondary to the story, as it was about the two of them figuring out their futures -- individually, eventually together -- found family, loyalty, all that.

In reading this I discovered that I'm not deeply fond of 1760s fashion (or 1780s, I forget precisely). Sebastian does a wonderful job of describing Percy's flamboyant au courant styling -- wigs, face powder, facial patches, fancy hose and jackets and whatever -- and I loved how much Kit responded to that, even though I had to keep googling to remind myself that Percy was fashionable, not a clown.

A good, solid read but this wasn't a favorite. I can't precisely put my finger on what made this a 'fine' read versus an amazing one because it has everything there. But it took a while for sexytimes and then, I don't know, it felt oddly rushed. And both main characters take a while to open up with their secrets so we're waiting a long time for that. And Sebastian is such a stellar writer that the great books are SO GOOD.

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  1. AW HI it's great to see you here!! I have seen a bunch of people with similar reactions to this one -- it felt a teeny bit disjointed to me with Marian's and Rob's subplots, I think, but I still enjoyed it a lot. Also, HI!